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Become a highly sought after modern healer.

If you're a practitioner, coach, teacher, therapist ... then you're a modern healer, because within you lies a deep inner desire to help humanity heal.

You have a true soul calling that drives you with a specific intention, sense of purpose and heartfelt care to offer the latest skillsets that bring health, wellbeing and transformation. 

The MasterKeys© are dynamic. They provide you unique new paradigm transformative ways.

Easily able to be either a stand-alone or work alongside complimentary to whatever your current work may be, the Keys are specifically to accelerate healing of mind-body-spirit for your client.

By allowing your heart's calling to be the best type of modern healer you can be, you allow your Self to flourish. When you flourish so does your work and so do your clients and patients.

Jane Gruebner, founder of The MasterKeys, is committed to this work just like you, because healing is universal.

People deserve to access the best way to repair, recover, reignite the whole Self - mind, body, spirit and soul.

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It would be my honour to work with you.

Jane Gruebner Founder & Creator of The MasterKeys©

Jane Gruebner
Founder & Creator of The MasterKeys©

"I'm dedicated to assisting you, the modern healer. My mantra - to support those who support others in the best way I know how."

The MasterKeys assists you to become a sought after modern healer, educator and inspirer.

Pathway # 1

Professional & Personal Development
Workshops / Courses - in person & online

Dip into The Masterkeys world and taste the pure potential.


Pathway # 2

Practitioner Certification Qualification
Become a highly skilled MasterKeys Practitioner (through Activate & Ignite in-person or online programmes).


Pathway # 3

Facilitator Coach Training Programme - Qualification.                                                                                                                                                            As a Coach facilitating workshops you support breakthroughs and get to inspire many more people.


"From deep childhood resentment, sense of self-pity to... I am now flying high like an eagle."

I found it hard to develop and maintain long term relationships. A feeling of hopelessness and helplessness, and very self-critical. Smothered by mother, family and friends. Always wanted to please, and make others happy. Most of the time at my expense. In relationships, I was physically and mentally abused.

Wake up day arrived. I was told I had breast cancer. Halfway through Chemo a lovely friend told me about Jane.

I now have a different approach to life. I love it, and so grateful for all I have. The resentment, self-pity and other things that I had problems with are no longer a concern."

- Pauleen L., Auckland New Zealand

"I’ve been working with Jane and benefiting from her energy work for more than 3 years.

Dr Kate MooreShe’s helped release what has needed releasing, opened what’s needed opening and strengthened my foundations whether my body was in crisis or spiritual expansion. This has proven phenomenally beneficial time and again. 

Being supported by Jane is profoundly empowering and transformational whether treating a child, an adult, a parent, an executive or any one else."

- Dr Kate More, Sydney, Australia

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Mentoring and Coaching Personalised support and guidance 1:1 or in a group, online or in person.

This is when you receive unique personalised support and guidance to truly be the greatest expression of your potential  - 1:1, online or in person.

Advanced training and discussions on topics of mind-body-spirit client work.

Accelerate yourself and your work with advanced training programmes.

Material and discussions on the latest science healing topics and concepts of mind-body-spirit client work.

Workshops & events with Jane Gruebner

Discover new ways to assist your clients' transformation and healing.

Experience and takeaway knowledge to integrate immediately.