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About MasterKeys©

Just like you, I am part of a global collective of practitioners bound together with a common purpose: to make a real difference to humanity, offering new paradigm, effective and innovative ways toward health, wellbeing and healing.

We all work in different ways with health and wellbeing - and we all weave together the elements that will best heal our clients with the principles and methods we each align with - anything from practical hands-on body work to psycho-therapy, working with mindset or meditation, nothing surer than these changing times ask us to work in a highly integrative way, combining many therapies and methods of healing.

Through my private clinic, I have been working with various methods and philosophies, developing innovative and healing practices that have allowed successful results and transformations for clients over many years.


I have taken these successful practices, tools and methods and created MasterKeys© for the modern healer.

  • MasterKeys© will deepen and strengthen the connection to your own inner light, elevating and clarifying your sense of purpose.
  • MasterKeys© will give you new skills to help your clients take their healing journey to new depth, whether they require healing of an inner wound or personal transformation, resetting or rebalancing.

Over time, our conditioning in life can dull our awareness and access to our innately natural gifts. Sometimes, we can also lose connection with our own true essence. Then one day, we realise the need to reclaim our true Self. This is as true for many practitioners as it is for clients.

Each 'key' accelerates the healing journey of mind, body, spirit. and soul.

  • Are you interested in new wisdom and knowledge to help your clients?
  • Is your client struggling in some way ... feeling stuck, in crisis, depressed, anxious, in self sabotage?
  • Perhaps your client is in a growth and expansion phase, where they are looking for stronger sense of life purpose and transformation?

There is a specific MasterKey© to help you support your clients. 

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The modern healer’s role is changing.

There's no better time than now to elevate and evolve in your practice.

Allow your clients to access deeper ways of self to experience new transformational healing results.

We are living through times like no other. What were new challenges are now daily life. Clients and patients require new ways to relate to themselves, others, challenges and life.

Many of us have been called to examine our lives, some have reset their direction, others ask how they might yet move forward. Clients are sometimes unsteady in the face of change; they want to be sound, to be balanced, healthy and confident.

New approaches for whole health and healing are being constantly explored. It's now widely recognised that healing methods which encompass metaphysics, psycho-therapy, neuro-science, integrative energy medicine, eastern philosophies with focus on body- mind - spirit is paramount for whole health and deep healing.