"I feel an amazingly inner peacefulness.

Her work is an amazing, natural, holistic treatment and Jane is a very special and gifted lady. I am fascinated with her work and I feel wonderful !!”

- Gill, woman 40s


Create a life that expresses the fullness  and aliveness of your true you - liberated - spontaneous - wise

Find out how you can uncover what's limiting you and ignite that real you who is wanting to live life more from the true Self! 

And, now you can, in a way that doesn’t mean you have to walk away from your current life either. 

Created to speak to everyone simply and deeply. Allowing further exploration and integration into the understanding of ‘how you tick’ and unlocking the secret ways, by blending science, quantum laws, ancient wisdom and Laws of the universe, you have real ways to ignite your true potential.

Workshops allow a deepening of experience, understanding and connection with the teachings and wisdom Jane has to share. A time for you to leave the outer world behind and shift the focus purely on you.The IGNITE Series of workshops and courses, are designed for you to experience more vitality, aliveness, and empowerment on your path to your greatest expression of the you of your real destiny! 

In person or online.

Ignite Your Sacred Journey of Self

Pause, take a breath, renew and refresh the vision for the next chapter of your life!

In this workshop, you are guided in a way where your deeper creativity can be unlocked and new possibilities of you can emerge.

You will find a new way to determine and generate your true destiny in life:

  • Get a WHOLE perspective of your life ( Personal Overview Profile of your life)
  • Insights about how to express the fullness of you in daily life
  • How to ignite and create a pathway for your mind- body - spirit for your soul growth


You will experience and deepen your understanding of how and why it's helpful to apply universal principles in your life:

  • Principles of Law of Attraction
  • The hidden gem - the Observer Effect
  • A take away guided process designed to use any time to create - express - manifest your new vision and future.

Date & venue: TBA

For private groups and small boutique style workshops .

Please email me for an 'expression of interest' if you wish to find out more.