Investment for 1 Day

Early Bird Pricing - NZ$225.00
$260 after 2nd April

Date And Time

Sun 18 April 2021
Sun 16 May 2021
9:30 AM – 4:30 PM NZST


Oratia Settlers' Hall & Oratia Small Hall
567 West Coast Road
Auckland, Auckland 0609


Beyond Mind .... to all of me

Present, purposeful and intentional living - Beyond Mind, to ALL of me. Gain new awareness, experience and tools to support you every day!

It's no secret that for us to awaken, we need to go beyond our mind and connect with our INNER SELF to tap into our full potential.

This structured yet creative method of working with Self was 'downloaded' to me over 2 years ago while working with clients and after seeing the impact on how life changing it is, I know now is the right time to be bringing it out into the world.

Discover how to go beyond any current limitations you might be experiencing.

Book 18th April

Book 16th May

This method shows you how to access the inner realms of ALL aspects of the you and in the process break down and overcome the patterns of old.

This means you will learn how to recognise and then master inner fears, doubts or old patterns of behaviour. You become more empowered, energised and ignited in your life.

How? One of the principles we will work with, is recognising how your Vibrational Signature (VS) changes, what this means and why it shifts things in your life i.e. relationships, opportunities, abundance.

Your VS also impacts on how the Law of Attraction then manifests on all levels of your life. By giving you a method of how you can balance your VS, new experiences start to happen, and you get to literally be in the driver's seat of your life every day, making good, clear, conscious choices.

"Jane is a powerhouse of knowledge and experience, where through a structured framework but very much with a personal approach to her coaching, she assisted me in developing more quickly my understanding of the mind, body and spirit, making any next steps (personal and professional) more thoughtful and more effortless. Her professionalism and empathy along with her tools combining the scientific, psychological  and spiritual gave me a real boost along my journey. I highly recommend coaching with Jane Gruebner."
Jacob Feenstra, Melbourne, Australia

In just one day you can take this new way of being into your everyday life!

If you know anyone who is wanting to unfold into a new place of becoming a greater expression in life than they currently are ... please share ... or maybe you feel it's time for a new way of experiencing your life ... love you to join Tina and myself on either 18th April or 16th May to explore new potential to inner happiness. 

Book 18th April

Book 16th May

The gift to allow yourSelf total focus on YOU allows you to deepen the experience of who you really are along with the potential and expression of who you wish to be. Through the immersion of a retreat, this is the opportunity for you to learn the ‘art of Mastery’. 

These are interactive and experiential, created and designed for you to experience the full richness of the ‘whole of YOU’ so that you walk away back into the world with different skills and ways of interacting with yourself, others and your life.

Deeply insightful, fun, engaging, energetic and empowering.

"Let me begin by saying that if you're reading this testimonial, you have come to the right place. When I first met Jane I'd say that I was an 'unbeliever' of the type of work she did. (ego talk)

Some time later, I managed to open my mind and push my ego to the side and listen to what she had to say. From this point on I felt as if I was on the correct path to making my life a better fuller place. Time to time I'd stray from this path but one thing was constant. This constant was Jane's belief in me and what I needed to achieve in order to make a difference to my life.

If you're on the fence about whether or not Jane knows what she's doing and if she can achieve results,I'd say to you 'look no further'. I can honestly say that she will work with you and make a big difference in your life. All you need to do is focus and bring your 'A' game to the table.

Thanks for the awakening Jane."

- Matt