walk forward feeling ignited  

Coaching & mentoring

Personal support for practitioners as a professional 1:1 or in a group, in person or online. Includes personal energy integrative healing sessions.

  • Working with mind-body-spirit-soul self
  • Deeply intuitive personal guidance with personal or professional challenges or issues
  • Intention setting and steps of how to achieve a visionary future aligning with your purposeful soul mission

It's no secret that for us to awaken, we need to go beyond our mind and connect with our inner Self. Whether you are just starting out, widely experienced or looking to add new practices, mentoring accelerates and strengthens your abilities and confidence.

How Jane can help you develop professionally

Jane offers personalised support and guidance 1:1, or in a group, online or in person. In just one 1:1 session you can infuse new perspectives, skills and understandings into your work and your own everyday life!

This creates an opportunity for you to activate and deepen your mastery of the MasterKeys©. 

If you want more, then maybe the immersion of a programme or a course with a group.

The MasterKeys© are interactive and experiential

Walk back into the world with different skills and ways of interacting with clients and others in your life. Always deeply insightful, fun, engaging, energetic and empowering, you have Jane to walk alongside you every step of the way with guidance and support  systems to the level you want - design your own pathway!

Jane can also help with your personal evolution

Jane is able to offer deep insights and reveal the best pathway forward, in order for you to evolve to your highest potential, because she connects and works with the holographic blueprint of people. Mentoring allows you to gain new awareness, experience and accelerates your life purpose.

"Jane is a powerhouse of knowledge and experience, where through a structured framework but very much with a personal approach to her coaching, she assisted me in developing more quickly my understanding of the mind, body and spirit, making any next steps (personal and professional) more thoughtful and more effortless.

Her professionalism and empathy along with her tools combining the scientific, psychological  and spiritual gave me a real boost along my journey. I highly recommend coaching with Jane Gruebner."

- JF, Melbourne, Australia

"Let me begin by saying that if you're reading this testimonial, you have come to the right place.

When I first met Jane I'd say that I was an 'unbeliever' of the type of work she did.

Some time later, I managed to open my mind and push my ego to the side and listen to what she had to say. From this point on I felt as if I was on the correct path to making my life a better fuller place.

Time to time I'd stray from this path but one thing was constant. This constant was Jane's belief in me and what I needed to achieve in order to make a difference to my life.

If you're on the fence about whether or not Jane knows what she's doing and if she can achieve results,I'd say to you 'look no further'. I can honestly say that she will work with you and make a big difference in your life. All you need to do is focus and bring your 'A' game to the table.

Thanks for the awakening Jane."

- M R Auckland, New Zealand