new paradigm methods

"I feel an amazingly inner peacefulness.

Her work is an amazing, natural, holistic treatment and Jane is a very special and gifted lady.

I am fascinated with her work and I feel wonderful for the first time in a long time!!”

- Gill 

The MasterKeys©

The MasterKeys© are designed for the practitioner, coach, therapist and healer, who wants to deepen their own practice and knowledge – and elevate their work to the next level.

Through MasterKeys© new skills, proven techniques and methods are offered to assist your client, enhance results, develop your confidence and deliver meaningful and deeper wellbeing practices.

  • MasterKeys© are customised
  • They are available either live in person at workshops or online,  individually or in a group
  • You can train with just one technique or process, or become a certified MasterKeys Practitioner.

The Gold Keys© 

For the healer's personal and professional growth

  • Centre, align and activate  a deeper inner connection
  • Access, activate and use clear and accurate intuition
  • Accelerate personal evolution

The Silver Keys©

For next level ways to work with clients and patients

  1. Assist your clients to overcome life challenges 
    • Anxiety, worry, stress 
    • Destructive habits, addictions, life patterns
    • Depression, abandonment, trauma
  2. Assist your clients on their life journey 
    • Personal transformation
    • Future vision and manifestation of life
    • Inner empowerment 

How you will benefit from The MasterKeys© programmes

  1. Gentle, supportive, and non-invasive – a system using the best of what I’ve learnt from my practice and my global colleagues, from ancient wisdom to western philosophies.
  2. Unlocking ~ Unleashing ~ Using your untapped abilities – a new way to work with your clients.
  3. Each event offers an important 'key' concept – to help activate and support your client's healing.
  4. Easy integration of MasterKeys© with your current practice – offering you complete flexibility within your current practice.
  5. Stand alone techniques, methods and approach

An example of a unique and exciting Master Key : IAP© - Intuition Activation Process.

Designed For Practitioners-Coaches-Therapists-Healers

Accelerate your intuitive abilities, tap into your intuition at will, easily and effectively while working with clients; deepen your inner confidence and trust of insights, with a proven pathway and effective tools for your mind and intuition to work with, creating greater ease, clarity and effectiveness..

The MasterKeys help remove limitations and destructive patterns to reveal and ignite client's true potential.

"After attending one of Jane’s courses learning the TMM process, I’m now far more conscious about what’s driving my thoughts and behaviours. 
Just recognising this has helped me reframe how I approach situations and has left me feeling more centred and able to turn up every day as a truer version of myself."

- Cath S, Auckland NZ