Journeys with Jane

Experience who you long to be and the true you!

Find new ways of moving forward into new life potential ..... without having to completely leave your current life behind.

Explore your Mind-Body-Spirit-Heart-Soul Self in ways that allow you to ignite your own inner power. 

Each 4 week Journey programme builds on the understanding and insights from the previous one .

The Journeys can be taken one at a time over 4 consecutive weeks, or as a whole programme over 20 weeks. 

In person or online.

  • Unlock Your Mind Potential – tap into training your mindpower and liberate your mind.
  • Uncover Your Body Awareness - discover the messages and consciousness your body carries.
  • Unleash Your Spirit Connection - become limitless by understanding your uniqueness.

Once above pre-requisites are completed:

  • Unveil Your Heart Desire - connect with the essence of who you are and feel your heart sing.
  • Unbind Your Soul Self - experience how you can become the greatest expression of who you can be.

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"Jane gave me my life back and I can now continue enjoying it with my beautiful family.

Within an hour after my first session with Jane, I was in a far happier mood and much more positive frame of mind. After the third session, I was back at work and after the fifth, I was 95% pain free and amazed at how something so gentle and drug free could make such a significant change when conventional practitioners were left scratching their heads."

- Daniel, male 30s