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Chrissy Heathorn - Inspirational Coach - @Llfe By Design

"Personal growth has always been super important to me. The connection I have with mySelf now has never been deeper, my life is richer and more rewarding than ever before.

Jane's work goes to the next level with a wealth of knowledge, intuitive knowing, insightful compassion, genuine care, and concern."

- Chrissy Heathorn

Activate Inner Alchemy

A professional development course offering a new paradigm method called TMM.

Specifically designed for therapists, coaches, practitioners, counsellors, psychologists, healers.

Elevate your work and client results - learn the art of Activation of Inner Alchemy.

The activation in TMM sets off a dynamic chain response throughout the whole mind-body-spirit complex.

Clients experience a greater sense of inner resilience, a sense of Self reliance and deepens the trust of Self wisdom, leading to whole-Self well-of-beingness. 

If you're looking for something new, innovative, creative and effective to introduce into your work, you'll love the flexibility of how you can apply TMM© immediately in your sessions and treatments.


TMM© activates the Inner Alchemy of healing and transformation breakthroughs for clients' mind-body-spirit.

How TMM© assists your clients/patients:

  • accelerates healing and wellbeing - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.
  • allows clients/patients to find their flow, with a takeaway method to manage their inner self
  • TMM© (the method you learn in the course) will give you and them new ways to work with and update mind-set, behaviours and beliefs, offering a new future and finding lasting happiness.


Dr Kate - " Being supported by Jane is profoundly empowering and transformational."

"Jane has helped release what has needed releasing, opened what’s needed opening and strengthened my foundations whether my body was in crisis or spiritual expansion. This has proven phenomenally beneficial time and again. 

Her ability to blend science and the artistry of the mind, body, spirit connection, quantum medicine and energy healing supports the integration and elevation of self. Her rare gifts are founded on intuition, in depth training, scientific evidence and more holistic therapeutic practices."               - Dr Kate More, Sydney, Australia



TMM© empowers your client by offering:

  • Awareness shifts
  • Mind-set shifts
  • Emotional shift
  • Life perspective transformation

TMM© infuses principles of metaphysics, psycho-therapy, quantum, neuro-science and spirituality, creating deep and powerful inner change for long lasting and effective transformation.

Easy & Effective to work with - whether in person or online.

What you come away with to add to your practice: 

  • A proven and flexible method with practical application.
  • Easily infused into your sessions with clients/patients
  • Specific purpose to activate new levels of healing the whole-Self,body-mind-spirit.

Clients and patients learn new skills and knowledge to burst through:

  • limitations and sabotage patterns
  • self judgement and loss of direction
  • anxiety and depression

Supports transformation by accessing stronger inner connection, inspiration, insights and new vision of possibilities of the future.

You choose how you work with TMM© in session

  • creating calmness and inner balance for your client / patient.

  • robust and practical enough for you to accelerate their healing and transformation.

  • immediately available to you to integrate seamlessly into your existing framework of skills and current practice.

Can TMM© help me personally with my evolution too?

Absolutely YES!

  • you learn innovative, easy and effective skills to become a master of activating your own inner alchemy 
  • offers you a pathway forward for greater vision of your life purpose
  • access answers of how best to move forward in your career and life
  • re-sets the way you relate to life, your work, yourSelf, others
  • builds confidence with deepening your understandings and consciousness creating an inner nourishment and transformation of your own evolution

In person with Jane

Sunday 16th October 2022, 9:30 am - 5:00pm NZST

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand (more details to come)

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Sunday 30th October 2022, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm NZST

Location: The Life Centre, 88 Jervois Road, Ponsonby, Auckland 1011, New Zealand

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Sunday 6th November 2022, 9.30am - 5.00pm NZST

Location: The Hillier Centre, 31 Gloucester Road, Mount Maunganui 3116, New Zealand 




"Love you to join me along with others, as we explore TMM© together in common interest about transformative ways coming forward for these turbulent times." - Jane