Certification programme

We're in exciting times where the wisdom of Eastern and Spiritual philosophies are being enhanced, validated and complimented by the amazing work of neuroscientists, epigeneticists, cellular biologists and quantum physicists. The expansiveness of this field, scientific measurement of benefits to humans and demystifying of the process is creating an enormous opening of potential and growth in our collective consciousness.

A certification programme with a combination of live online webinars, recorded sessions, optional personal training retreat weekends along with assignments for personal and/or practitioner development is available over 26 weeks.

A certificate is attained on completion. Group basis only. Specific intake dates for 2021 to be announced.

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"I’ve been working with Jane and benefiting from her energy work for more than 3 years.

Being supported by Jane is profoundly empowering and transformational whether treating a child, an adult, a parent, an executive or any one else."

- Dr Kate More