The MasterKeys will elevate you in ways you have been looking for.

You will be stepping onto a new pathway that accelerates your natural desire to make a difference in the world and follow your own soul's journey of evolution, with proven new paradigm methods and techniques.

The courses and programmes offered are advanced training and discussions on topics of mind-body-spirit client work, that integrate professional and personal growth with the latest discoveries in metaphysics, quantum science, neuro-science, psycho-therapy, integrative energy medicine, mindfulness and the wisdom of eastern philosophies and spirituality.

With The MasterKeys you will learn, experience and be supported on whichever pathway you decide to take.

Offering you

  • New ways to activate and ignite your inner knowledge and intuitive self.
  • New paradigm effective methods and techniques that focus on the mind-body-spirit wellbeing of your client work. 
  • Continue your journey to deepen your commitment to your ongoing evolution that is energetically aligned with your heart's desire to be the best you can be.
  • The confidence of how to integrate new paradigm metaphysical and quantum concepts and techniques immediately into your existing work
  • An opportunity to be part of a growing global community of modern healers from all walks of life.

Pathway # 1 - Mini Workshops and Classes

You're wanting to add simple yet potent new ways to your 'tool kit'. These workshops and classes are designed to immediately ignite the practitioner, coach, healer who wishes to continue expansion and inspiration in daily life.

  • Offers a 'taste' expansion of new ways of working and apply immediately to client sessions.
  • Introducing focused and dynamic opportunities to approach your work with proven unique methods and techniques,developed and successfully introduced in many client session scenarios.
  • In person and live online monthly dates


Pathway # 2 - A Practitioner Certification Pathway

If you are on a mission to always reach a deeper level of understanding of new ways to work with your clients, then these methods and techniques unique to The MasterKeys will be ideal for you.

  • Linking into your own deeper wisdom, knowingness and understandings with greater awareness.
  • Both group and individual teaching and coaching with Jane, either in person or live online
  • On completion of attendance and submission of an assignment and personal evaluation with Jane you will receive a MasterKeys Certificate of the course attended.
  • The opportunity to be listed on the MasterKeys website as a currently registered MasterKeys Practitioner
  • In person and live online - with specific intake dates


Pathway # 3 - MasterKeys Transformation Coach Training Programme

If you are wanting to feel ignited about teaching, inspiring and empowering groups of people or individuals, then the coaching programme will offer you that sense of true commitment and purpose to your future vision of life.

  • Align with principles and disciplines complimentary to your own Energy Signature and Soul's blueprint
  • Teaching classes and courses can be done either in person & online
  • Jane supports your training personally with group sessions and individual mentoring

On completion of attendance and submission of  assignments and case studies, competence in knowledge and delivery of the workshop along with a personal evaluation with Jane you will receive a MasterKeys Transformation Coach Certificate. And the opportunity to be listed on the MasterKeys website as a currently registered MasterKeys Transformation Coach.

In person and live online - with specific intake dates.