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What is Mastery?

a comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity

If you're a practitioner looking for more mastery, new skillsets, increased confidence, Jane offers that and more with The Masterkeys©. 

Working with healing and facilitating training of mind-body-soul work for over 25 years, my sense of purpose is deeper now than ever before. In particular I'm dedicated to help accelerate and support practitioners on their journey as the modern healer.

Mastery is required, to work (w)holistically with client's / patient's holographic blueprint, of mind - body - soul which is immeasurably rewarding for both practitioner and client. 

Through my personal and professional life experiences, many years of searching, exploring and training in multi-disciplinary methods and systems, I've come to deeply understand and witness the importance and transformational effects of working with various types of energy medicine.

What is the energy medicine approach?

Energy medicine encapsulates a fusion of science, metaphysics, quantum physics, consciousness, neuroscience, mind-body-soul connection, principles of universal laws and spirituality....and the fine tuning of a healer's intuition.

How can it make a difference in the client's healing process?

To maximise results for clients, by working with the client's whole mind-body-soul is when long lasting changes occur, with deep healing and transformation taking place. 

As a practitioner, to engage confidently with energy medicine assists significant changes to occur. By having a treasure trove of proven techniques and processes available, it accelerates the effectiveness of your current work and ensures the results you aim to offer your client.

Tell me how you can help me access and ignite more mastery in my work?

As The MasterKeys© have been shared as a result of successfully being worked with in clinic for years, they are purposefully designed with pathways for the practitioner to deliver effectively, along with steps and processes they may be integrated with ease to clients in a session or a treatment.

Within each course, scientific and metaphysical concepts and philosophies supporting the effectiveness and practicality of each of the tools and methods are highlighted.

Tell me more ....

The MasterKeys© 

  • Infuse a natural evolutionary process of robust skillsets.
  • Offer tools and processes for any type of practitioner or therapist to utilise
  • Can be applied, whatever stage the practitioner is in their vocation or life, beginner or experienced
  • Are easily incorporated and integrated into existing work or The MasterKeys© can be a stand-alone way to work with clients and patients.

How can working with The MasterKeys© assist me personally and professionally?

Designed for the practitioner who is wanting to walk the pathway of mastery. 

Created for the 'modern healer' who is looking for deeper and more effective ways that uniquely adapt to any way or method a practitioner approaches healing. 

Whether a beginner or experienced with an interest in mind-body-soul connection.

Is there after course support ?

Workbooks reviewing the information and basic guidance that assists the practitioner to deliver the tools confidently, is offered within each course.

Mentoring and after course with Jane is always available for continued support and growth of confidence.

Support groups and online meetups are also offered.

This pathway will assist those who want to accelerate their own development and deepen the healing of the wholeSelf both professionally or personally.

You can begin to rediscover your authentic spirit and identify your soul’s path and purpose.

Discovery Session

Complimentary - 20 minutes

You can begin to rediscover your authentic spirit and identify your soul’s path and purpose.

Through various teachings it's now understood that your professional and personal life is a direct reflection of your soul's evolutionary journey.

Helpful and valuable, insights build confidence in your forward pathway of life. To develop and live in clear purpose, is vital for you to live the essence of who you were destined to be.

With 25+ years in private clinic, Jane can offer you real guidance, tips and understanding for your next steps.


Where DO you look for the latest developments to add to your existing work designed to enhance your professional and personal evolution?

The MasterKeys©

Where DO you look for the latest developments to add to your existing work designed to enhance your professional and personal evolution?

With The MasterKeys© it can give you confidence and guidance, with various event types available to suit your requirements and preferred learning style.

Created for the modern healer practitioner, you can learn the latest principles and methods in energy medicine which is the foundation of The MasterKeys©.


Practitioner Mentoring

Imagine showing up with more confidence at work AND in relationships because you are no longer limiting yourSelf. 

Through the immersion of a mentoring programme with Jane, you unleash your power, purpose, potential and at the same time deepen the ‘Art of Mastery’.

No matter if you are beginning your career or are widely experienced, mentoring accelerates and strengthens your abilities and confidence.

You receive personalised support and guidance, whether you work 1:1, or in a group, online or in person with Jane.


"I cannot remember the last time I felt this good.

Prior to starting sessions with Jane, I had a history of ill health, right from when I was a young baby. I was always prone to sickness and more recently the last five years experienced everything from Anaphylaxis, mild Von Willebrands disease, two Spontaneous Pnuemothoracies (collapsed lungs), Acute Endometriosis and Epiglotitis.

My health has been of particular concern especially over the last few years and my body and immune system has needed a lot of time to heal, repair and restore, in order to get over these physical traumas.

A dear friend gave me a gift voucher for my birthday to go and see Jane. At the time I was experiencing feelings of depression, despair, uncertainty, nervousness, worry, irritability and overwhelming levels of distress. I also had headaches most days along with low energy and confidence.

I felt a major shift in myself after my first session and came away feeling quite joyous. It has also helped me focus on my goals in my business. Day to day I feel more peace, joy and free from physical pain."

- Rachel, woman 20s 

"So very pleased I am beginning a new ‘Me’.

I was introduced to Jane as I wanted to experience a real belief in myself and gain an increased feeling of confidence.

It’s really hard to put into words how Jane’s 'self help' energy healing techniques work – they are so easy to do and it really is mind-blowing how effectively they work.

After many years of counselling sessions, the work I am doing with Jane is refreshing, calming and life-changing. I very much look forward to my sessions with Jane and can’t recommend her highly enough."

- Tracey, early 50s