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Unlock your Superpowers - for Health & Wellbeing Practitioners, Therapists, Coaches, Healers

Have ever imagined unlocking your inner superpowers by elevating your intuition...this is the event for you!

IAP© - Intuition Axis Process - the new paradigm process the modern healer has been looking for to make the quantum leap to greatness for these times.

This is not an outdated course - this is for the now of unprecedented times.. this is about growth and expansion.    

Uncover the 'axis-of-intuition' that you naturally have, allowing ease of alignment for effective intuition.

By learning IAP© - the chattering monkey-mind are one of the first dysfunctions to get buried, along with self doubt. With a quiet conscious mind and easy way to access to your deep thinking subconscious mind, intuition flows like a river.

This one day event is created to empower you with greater confidence. 

With so many people now experiencing crisis and anxieties, every practitioner and coach is being called upon as the modern healer, which makes it time to hone skills and upskill in order to have a greater impact... faster.

By tapping into your own inner superpowers encoded within you are able to make an even greater difference that humanity needs right now.

Imagine having simple yet potent ways of having cutting edge tools to tap into your intuitive supersenses.

Learn how to:

  • identify the best way forward for your client's healing potential
  • target blocks and limitations of your client with clarity
  • work with past - present - future evolution of your client

This course will help you discover how to dis-entangle to plethora of information available to you as a modern intuitive.

For centuries the healer has had an inner wisdom, the secret is to tap into it with ease ... and discern effectively not emotively.

Infinite wisdom is already available in your consciousness, this course will allow you to 

  • accelerate your consciousness with a simple connection process into the energy web of timeless wisdom
  • confidently receive information in a way that you most easily relate to and understand
  • clearly reflect the information received to your client assisting with transformation and healing

EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT Until 5th June - 25% off standard attendance - claim your place now.

You will come away with greater - trust - clarity - ease to tap into your intuition at will, professionally and personally.                     

Imagine being able to:

  • Access more information about your client and know how you can integrate it into each session
  • Heighten your superpowers of clairvoyance - clairaudience - clairsentience - clairalience - clairgustance
  • Understand your 'flashes of insights' so that you can trust them
  • Get deeper understanding of where your client's issues, pain, suffering originated from 
  • Have new ways of transformation and healing client's traumas
  • Ways to work with past - present - future for your client's healing

This is not a course where you will be left to figure it out - this is an interactive and experiential course.

You will receive clear and helpful handouts reinforcing each step of this intuition update with IAP©.

About Jane Gruebner

Sought after as an internationally qualified MindScape and MindQuest facilitator, Jane has become created this new consciousness simple, yet powerful method for you to access your intuitive superpowers easily and effectively.

In the decades of private clinic and mastering these superpowers, founder and creator of The MasterKeys Jane Gruebner, has also been working privately with small groups. Jane has decided it's time to pass on her knowledge and understanding and is now dedicated to sharing these intuitive tools more widely as part of her 'pass it on' commitment to the next generation of modern healers.

Learn from someone who is not only naturally gifted with her intuitive abilities, but has worked extensively in private clinic for over 25+ years, so Jane understands how to take practitioners, coaches, healers to a place of trust ....and beyond ...with their intuitive abilities.

PS: Don't miss out on this opportunity to increase your confidence and skills with your intuition...claim your place now.

  • EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT until 5th June - 25% off standard attendance
  • ATTEND BOTH EVENTS - Same weekend - get EXTRA 10% DISCOUNT 
    • Activate Inner Alchemy - learn TMM - a guided process method for client work
    • A fusion of quantum, neuro-science, energy medicine, psycho-therapy, eastern philosophy
    • Includes concepts and principles that are universal, transcending and complimentary to cultures, beliefs, current ways of working

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  • Yes, you can claim this as a business related expense - an invoice is automatically generated.
  • Handouts and worksheets will be given.
  • Attendance certificate will be emailed after the course for you to claim CEUs.
  • After course support options will be made available.

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