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Titirangi Auckland 0604


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"Jane gave me my life back and I can now continue enjoying it with my beautiful family.

Being a typical male, I'm sceptical of anything I don’t understand. I suddenly became ill with abdominal and kidney pains to the extent of hospitalisation. I could only stand and move about for a few minutes before being overcome and buckled in pain and have to lie down for an hour after each spell. As a result, I was unable to work and went through the 'normal' channels of health care. After being bounced from doctor to specialist and well over $5000 in cost, I was left with no diagnosis, an empty wallet and a life of lying on the couch in pain taking various types of medication 'just in case it helps'.

A colleague suggested Jane. On first meeting and hearing how she worked, I wondered how it could possibly assist with my illness. I was very dubious and doubtful. Within an hour after my first session with Jane, I was in a far happier mood and much more positive frame of mind. After the third session, I was back at work and after the fifth, I was 95% pain free and amazed at how something so gentle and drug free could make such a significant change when conventional practitioners were left scratching their heads."

- Daniel, male 30s