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Mind- Body-Spirit Practitioner & Healer, Spiritual Mentor Jane Gruebner
"I look forward to hearing from you." Jane

Phone +64 (0)27 499 1115


Location Titirangi Auckland 0604 New Zealand

I found myself making profound changes in my life.

I did this because Jane’s work has allowed me to work through all the noise, the old patterns of behaviour, the stories, the hurts, the limiting self-beliefs … all the 'stuff' in the way of seeing who I was really was and how I could be in this world.

What’s so different about Jane’s approach is that it’s not just about healing the mind. It’s also about connecting with the body, heart, and soul, gently but powerfully.

How does she do it? Don’t ask me to explain. Just do what I did. Take the leap, suspend judgement, and trust the process. You may not end up making profound life changes, but even the smallest shifts will transform aspects of your life.

Cath S.