Making a difference 

What ignites Jane?  

Inspiring and supporting the modern healer.

I've always had a deep sense of wanting to help humanity.

My earlier years

Born in the country, my playmates were 'nature spirits' ... I thought everyone had them!

Having literally walked between the worlds for many years, it became too hard to navigate, so I shut it down.

I followed the accepted career path – management in the corporate world, and running my own businesses. But, no matter how much success I achieved, I was not experiencing the deep inner fulfillment I was craving. Something was lacking.

Something was missing in my life - I began to understand that I needed to explore my spirituality. I had no idea what that meant. I didn't know then, of course, the journey I would embark upon.

A health crisis in my mid-30s was the change agent - I left the corporate world for holistic health because it referred to finding out about the 'whole self', a term I hadn’t heard before. (No internet back then!)

Everything transformed for me - I recognised there was another way to experience life and the importance of knowing who I was.

The 'who am I' time

I found myself travelling around the world to learn from many world greats and master teachers, including Deepak Chopra, Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton, Lynn McTaggart, Wayne Dyer, and many others.

Like a constant gardener pulling out weeds and tending to the flowers, I became the constant seeker, to better myself and explore deeper understandings about myself in relationship with the quantum world, laws of the universe and spiritual principles.

After 30 years of exploring, training and practising with many multi-disciplinary approaches and therapies, I discovered my passion and my focus shifted.

The 'teacher' in me awakened

I wanted to be more dedicated to inspire and ignite others on their life path. With many varied international trainings, I experienced huge personal growth and evolution.

Learning about patterns of inherited behaviours, passed down through generations along with understanding the role that mind and ego plays to create our personality, I then began seeking deeper into the world of the Soul and Spirit Self and exploring our soul's journey.

This understanding helped me to recognise the immense importance of being compassionate with ourselves and others and of major importance is that we each need to go through a cycle of 'revealing to healing'. 

Thank you to the many spiritual teachers on my journey...

I'm better able to walk 'between the worlds' and navigate effectively and confidently in any aspect of life. I now have deeper understanding of the journey of the soul and know that there is a path that I must walk to become the truth of who I am.

Together with deeper understandings and divine guidance, The MasterKeys© have been created over the years. I feel deeply honoured that I can assist others by offering a pathway and a portfolio of new ways to heal and elevate clients' lives.

In creating The MasterKeys© I can now share many of the secret keys I've had the privilege of working with in clinic to heal and balance the mind, body, soul.

Today ...

I am deeply dedicated to inspire and support the 'modern healer' who takes the form of practitioner, coach, therapist, healer, facilitator or counsellor. Those who are at the coal face; those who are committed in supporting others, to heal their wounds and their traumas, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually to help them become a whole and balanced person.

So many insights.

Thank you Jane, so much appreciation  

Your help and support has been amazing, and so insightful and expansive. I have grown so much. I’m better equipped for my next adventures in life as a result.

- Dr David

Wonderful sleeps and this fantastic calmness.

I had never heard of the type of work Jane does before and I have to say I was curious. The 'symptoms' I had was an old accident injury niggling away, a bit of stress and not sleeping so well.

Amazingly after the first session I had the best nights sleep in a long time. Over a few sessions Jane worked away on my knees, emotional baggage and general tweaking. I was so calm! I had been de-stressed! I feel an amazingly inner peacefulness.

Her work is an amazing, natural, holistic treatment and Jane is a very special and gifted lady. I am fascinated with her work and I feel wonderful !!

- Gill, woman 40s

Working with clients for many years, I've discovered:

  • We are aware that clients often require real transformation to experience a fuller life.
  • Often with a sense and of stuckness, resulting from crisis or overwhelm, people are unable to find their way forward.
  • Their life can develop patterns, habits that maintain a loop like a circuit board; their consciousness and VS (Vibrational Signature) maintains it and life becomes like a karmic wheel.
  • The way forward is to have the understanding, knowledge of how to interrupt and change these cycles and patterns.
  • Without understanding or the tools or methods of interruption to reconfigure energetic patterns, then life becomes a gigantic self perpetuating continuous wheel maintaining the same reality and experiences.

Jane's credentials

Jane has been involved in the world of wellbeing, healing and intuition for the past 30 years, travelling the world exploring the latest research, attending conferences and always remaining at the cutting edge of the latest trainings.

After gaining DipNHsc, (a Diploma in the Science of Natural Healing Therapies) Jane spent the next 10 years dedicating herself to learning ‘the art of healing and intuition’ with the Mind-Body-Spirit from leading teachers in their field worldwide. This led her to gaining international qualifications, being 1 of only 20 internationally certified Mindscape instructors.

A qualified international teacher of MindScape and she is also a multi-disciplinary practitioner with

Jane says we're in some of the most exciting times where the wisdom of Eastern and Spiritual philosophies are being enhanced, the union of science and spirituality being validated by the amazing work of neuroscientists, epigeneticists, cellular biologists and quantum physicists.

The expansiveness of this field along with scientific measurement of benefits to humans and demystifying of the healing process, is creating an enormous opening of potential and growth in our collective consciousness.