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About Jane

Jane's Calling 

"I'm eternally committed to supporting true seekers along their individual  pathway and journey of life.

My life is dedicated to supporting others who are committed to awakening their true nature and own inner personal power by exploring their mind - body - spirit connection. Being witness to the unfurling of someone’s potential and growing consciousness is the greatest privilege – one I'm continually humbled by.

I've had the honour to work with thousands of people worldwide to assist them to become a 'conscious navigator' of their life, offering them new skills and tools to take them through their journey of life."

Jane knows that as conscious awareness grows in someone, the light of divine possibility and potential emerges. She celebrates with her clients and students as they experience fundamental shifts in all aspects of a their life – relationship with self, spirituality, relationship with others and business - as Jane supports their process they are able to trust and deeply engage in the process.

Many clients have experienced transformational sessions that have changed the way they approach and engage with life. Leaving old patterns and deep emotional wounds behind has allowed them to move forward and live life, expressed with a freedom, clarity and awareness.

Jane now specialises in the creation and development of personal tools, techniques and specially designed programmes for modern living.

"It is vital you tap into your own journey of personal empowerment to evolve." says Jane


Jane's credentials

Jane has been involved in the world of wellbeing for the past 25 years.

After gaining a Diploma in the Science of Natural Healing Therapies, Jane spent the next decade learning ‘the art of healing’ with the Mind-Body-Spirit from leading teachers in their field worldwide. This led her to gaining international qualifications, becoming 1 of 20 certified as an International Mindscape instructor. jane is also a certified practitioner of The BodyTalk System, Reconnective Healing, Aura-Soma Colour Therapy for the Soul and Reiki. She also co-founded The Doorway, an organisation focused to assisting transformation and freedom in all aspects of life.

Jane believes we are in some of the most exciting times where the wisdom of Eastern and Spiritual philosophies are being enhanced, validated and complimented by the amazing work of neuroscientists, epigeneticists, cellular biologists and quantum physicists. The expansiveness of this field, scientific measurement of benefits to humans and demystifying of the process is creating an enormous opening of potential and growth in our collective consciousness.

"I'm committed to life long learning personally and for the benefit of my clients and students – and all who we interact with." says Jane

A little more about me From Jane

Our journey of life is different for each of us. I discovered that my journey wasn’t simply a life journey, I recognised it as a Soul journey too.

Being a naturally gifted child who could 'sense energy', it created lifelong challenges and yet also a journey of amazingness.

Like many people, I took a pathway into a world that was not congruent with my true self. I entered the corporate world, played the game, became successful, then created my own successful business. The price was very high - exhaustion, turbulence, seemingly one storm after another. No matter how hard I worked, it just wasn’t going to work, I was going to drown.

Along the way, I had the realisation that I wasn’t living 'my life' and to be happy and fulfilled, I had to acknowledge and be 'true to myself'. I set myself free, honoured my essence – connected with my own flame.

Jane Gruebner New Zealand's Leading Personal Mentor


Unbelievable wealth of knowledge. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

Can't wait to continue to explore this with and through you. A new beginning / start to this unlocking of my mind."

- Sam Stewart

"Wonderful sleeps and this fantastic calmness.

I had never heard of the type of work Jane does before and I have to say I was curious. The 'symptoms' I had was an old accident injury niggling away, a bit of stress and not sleeping so well.

Amazingly after the first session I had the best nights sleep in a long time. Over a few sessions Jane worked away on my knees, emotional baggage and general tweaking. I was so calm! I had been de-stressed! I feel an amazingly inner peacefulness.

Her work is an amazing, natural, holistic treatment and Jane is a very special and gifted lady. I am fascinated with her work and I feel wonderful !!”

- Gill, woman 40s